Beauty Pageant Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 7PM

The Mule Day Pageant will be held on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 7PM at Columbia State Community College in the Cherry Theater. We will crown a Queen and her court consisting of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners up. Contestants must be 15 – 21 years of age, a resident or
student in Maury County. Cash awards will be given to the Queen and her court.

The Queen and her court make appearances at all Mule Day events, interviewed by local radio stations, newspapers, a trip to the State Capitol in Nashville, Nashville television stations, and other functions to promote our Mule Day event.

Sharon Puckett, Nashville TV personality will again be the M.C. for the pageant. Contact the Mule Day office for an application or for more details.




The beginning of Mule Day for me started when I was a little girl. As a little girl, my family would take me to the park to look at all of the mules and horses and then to watch all of the exciting shows; such as, the mule pulling competition and of course to listen to the wonderful bluegrass music. But the one thing I remember the most is the parade. On Saturday morning, I would get up early and eat, my favorite, chocolate chip pancakes; then we would meet up with my great grandparents and my grandparents to watch the parade. Sometimes my cousins would come from Franklin just to watch the parade. I remem- ber when I was about 6 years old watching the mules walk through the streets and then came the best part of the whole day… the Mule Day Court. I screamed with joy and excitement as they rode by on their wagon in their pretty dresses. I always wanted to do that. My family then went back to the park and ate the amazing fried apple fritters and listened to music. Mule Day to me is and always will be something I look forward to.

A few years later, I was finally old enough to enter the 2013 Mule Day Pageant. I remember the meeting like it was yesterday. I was at home doing homework when mom walked in and said, “There is a meeting tomorrow night for the Mule Day Pageant, are you interested in doing it?” I jumped up, grabbed my jacket, and ran for the car. She came outside yelling, “What are you doing?” I said,” I’m going to the meeting come on you have to drive.” She just looked at me and started laughing. I, being embarrassed, said, “What is so funny, I want to do the pageant lets go I don’t want to be late!” She replied, “The meeting is tomorrow night.” I got out of the car and answered,” You have to be kidding me.” So I waited another night, but I barely got any sleep because I was so excited. That night we went to the meeting and I became even more excited about the Pageant as I was listening to all of the things the queen got to be a part of. I was so ready for March 9th to get here.

Finally March 9th arrived; I was so ready for that day. It started out with me getting up early to do a final practice with my speech as we proceed to the pageant I recited the speech to my mom over and over. When we arrived I was nervous, after seeing the other girls and camera and know- ing I was going to have to speak in front of both. Mom saw my nerves, and said, “Calm down and just do your best.” I thought to myself I hear this all the time it does not help, but then she said something that would stick with me forever; she said, “You are your biggest competition.” At that moment I realized that this pageant was for me to make friends and get out of my comfort zone. Now I’m ready I thought; I walked in and sat down and started talking to some of the girls and I relaxed. They soon started calling people back to be interviewed. After waiting for what felt like forever, it was my turn. I took a deep breath and said, “I am my biggest competition”, I came out of that room feeling great and confident because I told myself that, then came the speeches, one after another they were great, now it was my turn, I thought breathe Corbin breathe. As I was speaking I relaxed more and more; when I was done I felt great because I knew I did my best, and told my story of my Mule Day traditions.

Later that evening like all good contestants I went and had my hair and makeup done, then left for the pageant. After all of the friends I had made I was able to relax backstage and give some of the new girls my tips from past pageant experi- ence. With 15 minutes left until the pageant I asked my mom to ask one more question just in case. She said, “I cannot think of anything else you have not answered already.” I replied, “I know just one more.” She answered back, “ok if you could invite someone to Mule Day that has never been, who would you invite and why?” I responded, “Carrie Underwood, because I believe she is a good role model for young women and is a good Christian woman.” My mom nodded her head as to say good job and left so I could finish getting ready. Soon they called us to line  up backstage as we lined up the nerves were building, but I relaxed with deep breathes. So the pageant began and I felt good about my walk and introduction. Last but not least the on stage ques- tion. Many girls were nervous along with myself. I walked on stage scared but walked off feeling great because they asked me if you could invite someone to Mule Day that has never been who would it be? My heart was jumping for joy when I answered. Now the dreadful wait; we waited about 15 minutes and every minute felt like an eternity. They called us all on stage and proceed to announce the runners up. We all joined hands praying we would be called. As they started to announce the runners up I told myself it is my first year it is ok if I don’t place. In telling myself that I was ok and happy I competed; maybe I will get 4th. When they announced 4th and it wasn’t me I figured ok maybe I did better than I thought. Then came 3rd that wasn’t me either, so from this point on I told myself, again, it’s ok it’s my first year and I will try again. They continued… 2nd runner up, 1st runner up, and now for queen. I was hoping for one of my new friends to get it because I knew we all had done our best. Then came the moment they said, “And your new 2013-2014 Mule Day Queen is…,” it felt like the world stopped, “Contestant number 10, Corbin Hinson!” I froze and then started crying with tears of joy. I could hear my family in the audience yelling and screaming. It didn’t feel real until the crown was on my head, but I didn’t get to actually see the crown until about 30 minutes after because I was crying, hugging, and taking so many pictures. Ever since I was little I dreamed of this mo- ment. To me it felt like I had just won a million dollars. I was and am truly blessed to hold this title. I would not trade it for the world. This is a great story for me to pass down and to show everyone if you work hard and believe you can do anything. I would like to thank everyone who has been so wonderful to me through my journey, Papa Dave, Rachel Houston, Lisa Flatt, Maury Co. Bridle and Saddle Club, Columbia Mayor Dickey, and
Maury Co as a whole. God truly blessed me.

Mule Day Queen,
Ms. Corbin Hinson

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