Log Loading Competition Thursday 12:00 Noon


Come watch the precision of man and mule working together. Spectators get a chance to see how logs were loaded before machines were  invented. Watch as mules and horses work together under man’s guidance as they show the true meaning of teamwork. You will be amazed at the precise methods and commands used to accomplish their goal.

The show will be held in the main arena. All equipment furnished except animals and harness. $30 Entry Fee Per Class. Payback: 1st  $150; 2nd $125; 3rd $100; 4th $75; 5th $50.

Rules for Competition:
- Judged on skill of team and handling of animals
- Two hitches, maximum of four animals
- Teams can be mules or horses

The judging starts when the team is hitched to wagon and driven to loading dock. Snake (drag) logs to wagon and load onto wagon. Buck  (tie) down with chain and saplin pole. Hitch to wagon and return to starting point. Judging stops. For further info contact Emory Combs 334-887-7288.

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