Log Pulling Competition Thursday 6:00 PM


The Log Pulling competition in it’s third year has become a popular event, with the “crowd” being the judge, a lot of excitement is in this section of the Park, during the event.  This “competition” finishes up our entertainment section of our event on Thursday.  We think that this event “brings” back memories of how logs were moved out of the “woods”, using mules, in years past, whereas the current method of using tractors, trucks, etc. There is one person here in Maury County that still uses mules in his “logging business” that being Joey Mills. His “lead mule” is named “Roxy” and she is shown on the cover of our program with our 2013 Mule Day Queen Corbin Hinson, and was used in all of our promotional pictures.  She is a pretty mule and she “puts in a full day of work”.

For more information call Anita King 931-682-3376 or 931-446-4157.


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