Mule Day Knife Auction Saturday 4:00 PM

The 2014 Mule Day Knife will be a Case, 2 blade, cut bone large trapper knife. Each of the knives are boxed, serialized and etched for collectors. This year there will be 100 non-serialized knives, 50 of the 2013 knife and 50 of the 2014 knife available for $65, first come first serve. Knives 1 thru 10 will be auctioned off at 4PM at the main stage in Maury County Park on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Knives will go to the highest bidder above the minimum $65.00 bid with the money going to 10 different charities.

Collector’s knives can be picked at the knife trailer during Mule Day. If unable to pick up, please send check to the address below, for Maury and surrounding county residents please add $5 per knife for shipping charges. Additionally, please put knife number on check. Knives that have not been purchased for 2 years forfeit collection number.

knife-auction-2013-2Make checks payable to:
M.C.B.S.C. Mule Day – Knives
PO Box 66
Columbia, TN 38402

Collectors who are placing their collections up for sale please call Mule Day office at 931-381-9557. A list is being
compiled for others interested in purchasing.

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