Mule Pulling Tennessee State Championship Saturday 1:00 PM


Come see what all the hollerin’ is about.  Watch as mule teams compete for the Championship title by seeing who can pull the most weight,  the longest distance. You will be amazed at the capabilities of even the smallest mule teams as well as the men who drive them. So come  on out and show these mules some love as they show off their muscles!

The Tennessee State Mule Pulling Championship is in the new arena. Weigh-in is from 9 to 11AM There will be seven classes with a $10  entry fee. Ribbons are awarded in each class. $100 for Champions in Small, Medium and Large. Prizes $100, $80, $60, $40 and $20.  Overall Champion Team will receive a Trophy Belt Buckle. Mule Day Jackets will be awarded to the Champions of each class.

Pull slide 10 foot. Sled weights 1,000 lbs.
Medium Mules pull between 12′ ropes
1,505 – 1,900 pounds
1,905 – 2,100 pounds

Heavy Mules pull between 14′ ropes
2,105 – 2,300 pounds
2,305 – 2,500 pounds

New single overweight pull.
2,505 – 2,700
Pulling 15 ft  Between 14 ft ropes.

For More Information on the Tennessee State Mule Pulling Championship Contact: Anita King 931-682- 3376.

Stick Horse Race
5:30 Friday and 11:30 Saturday
Open to ages 6 and under

NEW! Braying Contest
- 6 & under
- 6 & over
- 12 & over



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