Welcome Visitors


Welcome to the “Mule Capital of the World”


Dear Columbia Guests/Friends:

The City of Columbia welcomes you to a unique and memorable event, Mule Day 2018. We honor our past during Mule Day, which has grown into an almost weeklong event. We are pleased that you have chosen to celebrate with us.
Columbia is known as the Mule Capital of the World. Mules have always played a significant part in our past and continue to add to our future. There are various events for people to enjoy during Mule Day, especially the Mule Day Parade, the main event of the festival. The parade is held on Saturday and is one of the leading outdoor events in the South. In addition to the parade, the City offers shopping; dining, entertainment and historical venues that we hope will add to your overall Mule Day experience. Our employees work hard to ensure that you have a safe and memorable time during your visit to our great City.
We are honored you have chosen to enjoy this event with us! We thank you for visiting Columbia and Maury County for Mule Day 2018. Our hope is that you can say you were treated with southern hospitality by the citizens of Columbia and that you will come back and explore more of what our City has to offer. Again, thank you for joining us in celebrating our historic past and exciting future. We hope to see you back here next year for the 2019 Mule Day Celebration.

Dean Dickey
Mayor, City of Columbia



Welcome Mule Day Visitors,

Speaking for Maury County I want to personally thank you for visiting our great county on this special day. Mule Day has always been about celebrating our rich history and renewing old friendships and creating lasting memories.
We want you to enjoy your week and hope you have time to visit our historical downtown and enjoy Maury County’s southern hospitality.
Please don’t miss our Mule Day Parade, which tops off all the activities that can be enjoyed throughout the week.
Again, thank you for choosing to spend your week in Mule Town Tennessee.

Charlie Norman
Maury County Mayor



Dear Friends,

Welcome to an exciting week of events celebrating mules and everything about mules in Columbia, TN! It is a week that we celebrate mules and their importance in our history and our traditions, and we are glad you are here to join in the fun!
Mule Day began in 1840 as “Breeder’s Day,” a meeting for mule breeders in Columbia. Now during this week in April of 2018, we will have over 200,000 people in Columbia to enjoy traditional food, fellowship, a huge parade, crafts, music, mule pulling contests, a Liar’s contest, a nationally recognized Auctioneer’s Contest and much, much more!
I hope you will take some time to visit our beautiful downtown square and enjoy the food, the unique shops, antiques and our Southern hospitality! Take time to “find” a “find” in one of our antique shops scattered throughout Columbia. I am sure you will also want to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the home of President James K. Polk on West 7th while you are here.
It has been my honor for the past 8 years to introduce the Mule Day Queen and her Court to the Tennessee General Assembly and each Queen has made a presentation to the Legislators about the significance of Mule Day over the years. I hope you will get to meet the Queen and her Court as they take part in many of the week’s activities. They represent us well.
We are here to make sure that you have a wonderful experience and we hope you will go away knowing that we are proud of our heritage and you are always welcome in Columbia, Tennessee. We think it is the best place in the world to live, work and raise our families!

Sheila Butt
State Representative
District 64



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