Welcome Visitors


Welcome to the “Mule Capital of the World”



On behalf of our 38,000+ residents, it is my honor to welcome you to the City of Columbia and one of the best, most unique annual events in the United States: Mule Day!
Whether this is your first Mule Day, or you’ve attended all your life, I am confident Mule Day 2019 will be an experience to remember.
A 1941 New York Times article, in its coverage of Mule Day, noted that the City of Columbia was located in the ‘bluegrass lands of Southern Middle Tennessee,’ and welcomed 60,000 visitors from 29 states that year. Today, we are pleased to welcome over 100,000 visitors from all 50 states and from countries across the globe.
I often wonder what the group of citizens whose ‘idea’ led to the establishment of  Mule Day would think about the Columbia of today.
We are a city with a renewed sense of vibrancy; a city on the forefront of growth and prosperity; and we are a city that appreciates its past, but has an ever watchful eye to the future.
I think they would be proud of our city; and it is my hope that you are proud of this city, too.
During the weekend’s festivities, we encourage you to explore all that Columbia has to offer. Visit our historical downtown district, enjoy recreational activities at one of our many parks and greenspaces, and visit the James K. Polk Ancestral Home and Museum. You’ll be glad you did!
I hope to see you out and about over the Mule Day weekend. If you have any comments about our community, or would like to learn more, my door is always open.
Come back and see us real soon!

Chaz Molder
City Mayor, Columbia





Maury County welcomes you to another exciting week of fun and festivities!  Whether attending events at our Ag Park, Downtown Square or visiting our many historic sites such as the James K. Polk Home, Athenaeum or the Rippavilla Plantation enjoy our rich heritage and tradition as we celebrate “Mule Day” 2019.
With humble beginnings dating, back to 1840, an annual mule “Breeder’s Day”, a single day livestock show and mule market event held on the first Monday in May. Over time, “Mule Day” became a festival, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world and lasting an entire week.
I am honored that you have chosen to spend this time with us and hope you enjoy the food, fun and Southern Hospitality here in Maury County!  Oh! In addition, don’t forget the highlight of the week; the “Mule Day Parade”.
My office is here to make certain you have a wonderful experience, so don’t hesitate to drop in the Maury County Courthouse and say hello!  In closing, I thank you on behalf of Maury County and our residents for making Mule Day 2019 and our community a part of your life and we hope you leave knowing that we love our heritage and most definitely love our visitors.

Andy Ogles
Maury County Mayor




Welcome Friends,

It is my honor to welcome you to Columbia for the exciting Mule Day festivities. Every year in April, our community invites folks from miles around to celebrate all things mule. If you are looking for an opportunity to take a step back from the busyness of life and enjoy family and friends, you are in the right place. Muletown welcomes you!
Mule Day is a historical gathering that dates back to 1840 and is now attended by thousands of people each year. Mule Day has grown into a week-long hometown event that truly captures our southern community charm. You can look forward to things like music, crafts, food trucks, contests, and more. The main event is an amazing Mule Day parade that stretches over a mile. You do not want to miss it! Grab a blanket, take a seat, and watch the joy spread as the parade begins. You’ll find something entertaining for all ages.
While you’re in town, be sure to check out our downtown square for local shopping and quaint dining spots. We are thankful you are here and hope that you make Mule Day a family tradition for years to come.

Scott Cepicky
State Representative
District 64




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