Beauty Pageant – Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 7PM


The Mule Day Pageant will be held on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 7PM in the Cherry Theater at Columbia State Community College.
We will crown a Queen and her court consisting of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners up. Contestants must be 15 – 21 years of age and a resident or student in Maury County. Cash awards will be given to the Queen and her court.
The Queen and her court will make appearances at all Mule Day events, be interviewed by local radio stations and newspapers, take a trip to the State Capitol in Nashville, and take part in other functions to promote our Mule Day event.  Sharon Puckett, Nashville TV personality, will again be the emcee for the pageant.

Download the 2016 Mule Day Pageant Application Here

Words from Your 2016 Mule Day Queen, Tori Brown

As a little girl, Mule Day had always been a big part of my year. From getting to ride in my papa’s truck and look all cute in my boots and big ole bow, to getting to adventure every day for a week in the Maury County Park seeing family and friends and kissing every horse I could. But there was just this one thing that was my absolute favorite. There were always five gorgeous girls walking around with crowns and sashes on, talking to people and helping with mule pulls and all kinds of other stuff. That’s right yall, my favorite part of Mule Day has always been the Mule Day Queen and her court. Every year since I was seven, I got to line dance with them and help teach them the dances. Let me just tell you, nothing could’ve ruined how happy I was. Everybody watched them and I felt like a superstar because I was the one teaching princesses how to dance! Besides feeling like I was on top on the world dancing beside them though, I got to take my picture with them every year and they’d tell me how much fun it was to be on the court. I never missed going to a Mule Day Pageant, just because I wanted to see which beautiful girl I got to take my picture with next as the Mule Day Queen. Needless to say, being on Mule Day Court has always been a huge dream of mine, and being Mule Day Queen was an even bigger dream. In January 2015, I had turned 15 and I was more than excited to have reached that age because it was finally time for me to get to compete in the pageant I had waited so patiently for. Going into the competition, the only thing I wanted out of it was a great time with some girls I had competed with for what seems like forever. At the end of the Mule Day pageant in 2015, they called me as the third runner up and I was completely shocked but oh so happy! I had gotten the honor of being third runner up with an outstanding Mule Day Queen who I will forever look up to, and a court that was amazing in every single way. The year went by way too fast and before I knew it, it was already February of 2016.
Going into the 2016 Mule Day Pageant, I didn’t know what I was more excited about – the fact that I could finally take 75 rollers out of my head that morning or the fact that my favorite pageant was finally here again. February 27th had come and all I wanted to do was drive to interviews so I could talk to all my pageant sisters, and wish them the best of luck. There were 13 of us and I knew myself that those judges had it rough! The day progressed and we all had had tons of laughs with each other and the judges doing our interviews and saying speeches, but it was the time to say goodbye until 7 p.m. A fast five or six hours went by and there we were all in our little dressing rooms while the Cherry Theatre was losing space by the minute. After we all said a prayer together, we all headed out on stage to introduce ourselves. “Hey yall! My name is Tori Renee Brown. I attend Santa Fe School where I’m a 16 year old sophomore. I’m an FFA member, a Santa Fe Sharpshooter, and very proud to be your contestant number 8,” I said loud and proud. As we got our walks over with and our two questions done, it was time to find out which one of my friends would represent as the 2016 Mule Day Queen and her court. As for me, my dream was to simply be on court once more. But first was Miss Congeniality! My heart was filled with joy when they called my name for such an honorable award. I had felt like my night was complete as they handed me my flowers. As all four runners up were called, I looked beside myself as nine girls were still standing nervously beside me. “And your 2016 Mule Day Queen is… Contestant number 8!!” The crowd went wild as tears rolled down my face and I slowly walked forward to be met by three sweet ladies with my crown, my sash, and my flowers.
Being the 2016 Mule Day Queen is something I’m truly lucky and very honored to have. It’s a dream come true and something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. My reign has been nothing less than amazing and the court God blessed me with is the best court a queen could ever have. From speaking at the capital and a week full of Mule Day festivities, to earning four big sisters and not only making memories of a lifetime, but receiving the honor of forever being my hometown’s 2016 Mule Day Queen, my reign has been nothing less than perfect. A huge thank you goes to Papa Dave, Lisa Flatt, Rachel Houston, The Bridle and Saddle Club, The Mule Day Committee, Susan Thurman, Bill Johnson, Mayor Dean Dickey, Governor Bill Haslam, my loving parents, and every individual who’s made my reign the best it could possibly be. God has blessed me beyond any measure and I couldn’t be any happier to forever be part of Mule Town’s history.

Your 2016 Mule Day Queen,
Ms. Tori Brown


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