Wagon Train 2017



Our Wagon Train which is one of our “Promotional Events”, gets a lot of attention as it travels through-out Middle Tennessee in the spring-time, on our beautiful “rural roads”, on the way into Columbia. It always “kicks-off” our week long event, and as it arrives at Maury County Park, people are lined-up on Lion Parkway, just like watching our parade in downtown Columbia.  It will arrive mid-afternoon on Wednesday, (check with our “information center”, outside the front gate, for arrival time), and be there for a “picture-taking session”.
As of “press time” Wagon Train plans for 2017, have not been finalized.  All participants that took part in our Wagon Train during 2016, will be notified by mail, during early January, by the Mule Day office.

The Mule Day Committee would like to thank The Maury County Coon Hunters Association for hosting the Wagon Train during 2016.


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