Driving Show – Friday 12:00 Noon

16 driving show

This show demonstrates how well mules work to wagons and how well they are trained to both “lines” and voice command.
A lot of time and practice, along with driving skills make everything come together for this event. As you watch this show you will soon learn how the driver gets the mules attention and also how he gets them to go in the direction he wants them to go.
In the first two classes we have log skidding.  This is with the driver using ONE line or NO line to guide the mules between the pilings. The best part of these two classes is when the driver uses only voice commands. This takes a lot of training and time between the driver and his mules. During the olden days this was a much more common practice than today. The voice command is better with mules that are used for logging so as not to tangle lines in the trees.
Classes three through nine, the mules and horses are hitched to wagons or carts.  In class five, the ladies show the men how to drive. In class six notice how well the mules and drivers work together to back, cross obstacles, and turn in the correct direction.  Please notice that the teams are matched in color, size, and uniformity. Now sit back and enjoy the afternoon show of skills and see how well these sometime stubborn animals show off just how smart they truly are.


Sponsored By: Maury Regional Medical Center

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