Gaited Mule Tennessee State Championship – Friday 6:00 PM

gaitedmuleAt the Tennessee Gaited Mule State Championship you’ll enjoy watching the very best gaited mules from Tennessee and across the entire United States strut their stuff. This event highlights the gaited mule, which is any mule that has a smooth gait other than a walk, and one which is distinct from a trot. Whatever the gait may be called, its primary virtue is smoothness. The gaited mule can be ridden farther without discomfort from the bouncing one will experience at a trot and at a more manageable pace than a canter. So come out and watch riders of all ages and mules from all “gaits” of life strut their stuff to be declared the Tennessee State Champion.

Entries from All States Welcome! Sponsored by the Maury County Bridle & Saddle Club. Entry office opens at 3:30. AGMA Rules Apply. Shoe Size no Larger Than ½ x 1 ½. English or Western Attire. No Canter in Any Class. $15 Entry Fee Per Class. (Class 1 No Entry Fee). Payback 1st Place $50, 2nd  Place $30, 3rd Place $20, 4th Place $15, 5th Place $10.


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