Skillington Draft Mule Show – Saturday 2:00 PM

The beauty contest of Mule Day, (notice page three, which reflects the “King Mule” for 2017).  The draft mule has been the foundation of Mule Day, since day one, either in this show, Mule Pulling, used in the Parade to pull wagons, or the basis for our Wagon Train.
This show starts at 3:00 PM after the Mule Day Parade. It is held in the Old Arena with the Jack (the father of the Mule) and Jennet classes first, graduating to the Draft Horses (the mother of the Mule).
Class eight begins the segment of the show that leads to who is going home with the top prize of Mule Day 2018 and that is the “KING MULE” trophy.  The judge is looking for long legs, long ears, and a good build. During this show you will notice there are classes for both Horse Mules (male) and Mare Mules, singles or in pairs.
Be sure and cheer for the best looking mule you see and let the Judge know your preference.












Sponsored By: Maury Regional Medical Center

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