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Mule Crossing: Why Mules Are Exceptional


Across the United States and around the world, as mules are given more and more opportunities to perform in many diverse situations, they are exhibiting their exceptional beauty, athletic ability, endurance and intelligence. There are definite physi- cal and psychological reasons for these outstanding abilities. It has been proven that the mule not only inherits

Mule Day and Downtown Columbia


Do you know the history of Mule Day? Do you know the connection of Mule Day and Downtown Columbia? Mule Day actually began as Breeders Day some years after the city was founded in the early 1800’s. That was when the county farmers brought their fine livestock to Columbia to sell in the spring months.


During November of 2013, the Mule Day Committee lost one of it’s most important members. Bradley had been on the Mule Day Committee, more than 20 years. He was “selected” and added to our “Hall of Fame” just this year, and was inducted at our appreciation dinner in June. He was our “jack of all

Mule Day Memories

If you grew up on a Duck River bottom farm, as I did, you had to be occasionally responsible for a mule. Tractors existed but the mule was the main source of power in those depression years. You learned early that Columbia and Maury County were collectively known as the mule capital of the world.

Jerry Brown – Missouri Mule Man – Wagon Maker


Around Columbia Mule Day, we are often asked the question “Who builds”, all of the “show wagons” in the parade and shows?” Well here is the answer to that question. Jerry Brown of Dexter, Missouri has been coming to Columbia Mule Days for 26 years, bringing some of the “best Draft Mules”, we have each

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