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Welcome Visitors


 —————————————————————- Welcome to the “Mule Capital of the World” —————————————————————- Dear Columbia Guests/Friends: The City of Columbia welcomes you to a unique and memorable event, Mule Day 2018. We honor our past during Mule Day, which has grown into an almost weeklong event. We are pleased that you have chosen to celebrate with us. Columbia

Mrs. Tennison – It’s Spring Time in Tennessee


MULE CROSSING: Hauling Long Distances – by Meredith Hodges


Hauling long distances needn’t be a problem with your Longears, if you use a little common sense and consideration. Their natural durability and good sense make them basically easier to haul than horses. When hauling for more than four or five hours, there are a few things to consider. First, you should be sure that

About the Mule – by Dave Skillington


Mule Definition A mule is an offspring from a Jack (donkey) and a female horse, while the reverse of such is called a Hinny.  They are almost always sterile, however there are some rare cases where mules and Hinnies have been able to produce offspring.  Donkeys have a total of 62 chromosomes and horses have

Mule Day Hall of Fame


The Mule Day Committee selected two new members to the MULE DAY HALL OF FAME FOR 2017.  They are Anita King and Helen Malugin. Anita King has been the Director of our Mule Pulling since 2003, which is one of our most watched shows.  It has grown over the past eight years, and due to

The Best of Columbia: Mule Day, Main Street and More! by Kelly Murphy


The Best of Columbia: Mule Day, Main Street and More! Welcome to the beautiful city of Columbia, just 45 minutes south of Nashville, Tennessee and 80 miles north of Huntsville, Alabama. We’re so glad you’re here for our time-honored tradition we call Mule Day. This week-long celebration is rooted in the rich agricultural history of

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