Parade Rules & Entry

Download 2018 Parade Entry Form Here

The Mule Day parade is one of the highlights of the festivities and is attended by more people than any other event or activity during Mule Day. Each year the parade grows and the organizers strive to make it bigger and better than the year before. We are at a point where for the time being we can no longer make it bigger, but we can continue to make it better. The line-up area is going to be shorter for the parade and therefore we ask only pre-registered entries show up on the day of the parade.
All parade participants are asked to check in at the top of the hill on Carmack Boulevard and 17th Street. From there you will be directed to your line-up spot after you have checked in and after Coggins papers are checked for mounted entries.
All parade participants should pre-register thru the Mule Day office prior to March 1st. The parade is for approved entries that are pre-registered and assigned a line-up number through the office. If you have not pre-registered, we ask you come out and watch the parade, but not attempt to be a participant.
All participants are asked to adhere to the parade rules.
1. Proof of current Coggins Test required for all equine
2. No balloons or bubble machines in the parade or along the parade route
3. No alcohol allowed in the parade or at the park
4. Horse and mule riders will ride four abreast
5. Shirts and shoes must be worn
6. No passing in the parade. You must stay in your spot.
7. No riding backwards in the parade
8. Nothing is to be thrown or given from parade entries to spectators.
This includes candy, t-shirts, passes, tickets, trinkets, etc.
9. No bicycles, motor bikes or four wheelers in the parade
10. Mule riders will ride in front of the MCB&S Club wagon train
11. Entries should stay in the center of the street and follow the center line
12. Floats should adhere to the current theme
13. Entry number should be displayed on both sides of entry
14. Anyone not obeying parade rules will be asked to leave the parade
15. Mounted riders are asked to register as a group and will be assigned
a parade number. Other mounted riders will be placed in the back of
the parade and will be required to ride in an organized manner.
16. These rules are intended for everyone in the parade and are necessary to
make a safe and enjoyable parade for both participants and spectators

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