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Mrs. Tennison – Looking for Spring


By the time you sit down to read this we will only be about six weeks away from the official date of spring. We’ll be starting to map out our garden and thinking about planting lettuce. That may sound a little odd if you are in the middle of snow or ice storm right now but God always clears the way for spring to come popping through.

The Road to Success with your Mule – by Meredith Hodges

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When equines are trained in a logical, consistent and respectful way, beginning with detailed lead line training, even “cycling females” are not a problem. Appropriate lessons need to have a logical beginning and be taught in a sequential fashion. The logical beginning in any athletic conditioning program should be to strengthen the core muscles that

About the Mule – by Dave Skillington


Mule Definition A mule is an offspring from a Jack (donkey) and a female horse, while the reverse of such is called a Hinny.  They are almost always sterile, however there are some rare cases where mules and Hinnies have been able to produce offspring.  Donkeys have a total of 62 chromosomes and horses have

Mule Day Hall of Fame


The Mule Day Committee selected two new members to the MULE DAY HALL OF FAME for 2016. They are Ricky Strain Smith (left) and Thomas Malugin (center). Presenting the plaques is Catherine Burkhart (right). Ricky Strain Smith has been President of the Bridle and Saddle Club, for the past 14 years and has been the

Experience Maury! Eat – Stay – Shop – Play… by Becky Leifheit

Experience Maury RedGrey

We welcome you all to Mule Day in Columbia, TN!  Mule Day began in 1840 as a “Breeders Day” when mule breeders would meet in Columbia to trade.   It is now the largest event in our area and brings in over 100,000 visitors to enjoy the huge parade, mule shows, southern food and fun! While

58 Years of Pulling


James Mangrum, 76, better known as JayByrd, started pulling mules in 1959 at the age of 19. He started because he watched his Daddy pull some and liked seeing whose mules had the most power. A longtime friend, Fred Lancaster, talked him into buying a true pair of pulling mules from Robert K. Smith, which

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