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Memories are made at Mule Day, Start your memories this year!


MULE CROSSING: Living with Longears – by Meredith Hodges

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In the beginning, my home, Lucky Three Ranch was a 10-acre sheep ranch with a small house and hay barn, an old Quonset hut, a feed barn, four three-sided sheds, and a perimeter fence made from sheep fencing with barbed wire on top. It was crossed-fenced around the sheds with some heavily chewed board fences

About the Mule – by Dave Skillington


Mule Definition A mule is an offspring from a Jack (donkey) and a female horse, while the reverse of such is called a Hinny.  They are almost always sterile, however there are some rare cases where mules and Hinnies have been able to produce offspring.  Donkeys have a total of 62 chromosomes and horses have

Columbia, Tennessee: Real. Southern Renaissance. by Kelly Murphy

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Columbia, Tennessee: Real. Southern Renaissance. Welcome to Columbia, Tennessee and thanks for coming to Mule Day, a local tradition that dates back more than one hundred years. It’s a celebration of ‘all things Mule’ packed with a variety of shows, contests, crafts, vendors, and – the highlight of the celebration – the Mule Day Parade.

Grand Marshal for 2018 Parade

Dee Cee Neeley, 2018 Grand Marshall after 32 years with Bridle & Saddle Club Longtime Mule Day parade director and volunteer Dee Cee Neeley was chosen to serve as grand marshall of the 2018 Mule Day Parade. Neeley coordinated the parade in downtown Columbia for more than 20 years.  But it had been years since

Maury County Bridle & Saddle Club’s Mule Day Festival


  – From Dave Skillington The Maury County Bridle and Saddle Club was formed in the late 1960′s, held club shows during the summer months for its members. The “club” was charted as a non-profit organization in 1973. Looking for a way to “raise” money to “give back” to the community, someone came up with

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